To save costs on expensive trials and shorten the development time, it is recommended to perform analysis of the system performance during the design phase.

Performing preliminary analysis has many advantages:

  • Early feasibility study of the design and the concept.
  • Improving the design and optimizing it (weight optimization, etc.).
  • Getting answers in the early stage of development and reaching the prototype stage more ready.
  • Early detection of single points of failure and reducing high cost of discovering them later.
  • Saving time and expenses on needless iterations, trials, and production of early versions.

We perform analysis using final elements simulation and supplying the analysis reports as an integral part of our design. For customers with design of their own we provide a supplementary service of mechanical, thermal and flow analysis.

We perform analysis using the most advanced systems in the market and have many years of experience in the field.

The types of analysis we perform:

Strength analyzes

  • Structural analysis and strength calculations of systems and mechanical assemblies (including thin films).
  • Calculations of shifts and efforts as a result of mechanical shock and collisions (dropping, launching etc.).
  • Dynamic analysis for self-frequency calculations.
  • Spectral analysis and vibration tests.

Thermal analysis

  • Thermal analysis in steady and transit states.
  • Thermal capacity and vacuum capacity calculations.
  • Thermal efforts and thermal shocks.
  • Heat dissipation.

Additional Analysis types

  • Penetration of rigid body into another rigid body.
  • Blast wave, explosives and explosion analysis.
  • Electro-thermal analysis of piezoelectric systems.
  • Flow analysis – air and fluids.