Consulting and Projects

  • Project management
  • Engineering consulting
  • Manufacturing and assembling
  • Technical documentation
  • Engineering personal placement

Project Management

  • First Shot Design methodology
  • Very short ‘Time-to-Market’
  • Design to cost
  • Cost reduction for design and manufacturing

Engineering Consulting

  • Mechanical engineering consulting
  • Consulting services regarding product compliance with local and international standards
  • Consulting services for improving manufacturing processes and production lines

Manufacturing And Assembling

  • Choice of materials and manufacturing technologies based on quantities required
  • Machines design, tests
  • Production support and design validation.
  • Setting of manufacturing processes and reducing the costs of ongoing production
  • Designing and establishing of production lines and factories

Technical Documentation

  • Preparation of manufacturing, cables and assemblies drawings
  • Preparation of manufacturing and product files
  • Preparation of BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • E-DRAWINGS and 3D models
  • Preparation of specification files and assembling, maintenance and operation instructions
  • Preparation of project files such as ATP, ATR etc.

Engineering Personal Placement

  • Supplying engineers and designers for project assistance to our customers (Outsourcing)
  • Supplying draftsmen and technicians to carry out products portfolios and mechanical assembling.