Our Products

Device for cannon firing
A demonstration device designed to prove the probability of using piezoelectric engine in an assembly fired in very high acceleration.
Computer for fighter plane
A computer for a fighter plane that includes electronic cards and other equipment.
Infrastructures for Extra
Designing infrastructures for production line of the Extra missile
Three inches screen
A three inch screen for fighter plane that can withstand harsh thermal and dynamic environmental conditions.
Measuring device for catheter
A measuring device for catheters built as a small and very accurate cylindrical element.
Device for scientific research
This product is used in a research for developing an engine based on hydrogen, one of the most common ideas for green energy.
Medical testing device
Series of three ultra-sonic trackers used in medical school for teaching how to perform ultra-sound tests in different locations of the human body.
Gas filtration system
A system of air filters and purifiers designed to be installed inside a safe room.
Giant advertising billboard
A system of screens built into a giant billboard.
Information security device
A series of products intended for personal identification by pressing a button or USB connection.