Company Services

Product development

Mechanical engineering and design of assemblies, sub-assemblies and complete systems from idea to product in various production technologies such as machining, metal machining, molding and plastic.

  • Mechanics and electronics integrated systems.
  • Electronical and mechanical design of electronic circuits and supporting it’s manufacturing process.
  • Design of wires and cables.
  • Assemblies, sub-assemblies and electro-optical devices.
  • Industrial design



Industrial design

The goal of industrial design is to provide to your product shape and look, which are beyond its functional operation.
Design and human engineering is extremely important for marketing and sale cycle of the product. Even industrial products that are well designed are sold much better than it’s competitors.

Our designers cooperate with the engineers to achieve the best results for the design process. We offer our customers the following:
• Experience in products development.
• Ability to work with various manufacturing technologies and various materials.
• Best looking product.
• Choosing the optimal production technology.
• Choosing the optimal materials.



Consulting and Projects

  • Project management
  • Engineering consulting
  • Manufacturing and assembling
  • Technical documentation
  • Engineering personal placement




To save costs on expensive trials and shorten the development time, it is recommended to perform analysis of the system performance during the design phase.

Performing preliminary analysis has many advantages: