Integration of recycled plastics in various industrial sectors. The plastic industry is one of the most established emerging industries that are at the forefront of technology. Plastic materials are found in all areas of our life today, and in fact fill the earth among others pollution, non-biodegradable material and the problems of landfill and recycling… read more →

What is Industrial Design? Many times we hear the term “design” in the context of clothing, fashion, etc. But the design process is also true for industrial products. As engineers, we many times hear about the issue of industrial design and we understand that our product development process must involve an industrial designer. What is.. read more →

What is gray water? ‘Gray water’ is water that is used at home in places such as a bath, floors rinse, sink,  dishwasher water and similar. All of these except for flashing the toilets and gardens watering. These waters are, in fact, about half of total domestic consumption. Member of Kneset, Astrina Tartman recently engaged.. read more →

By Ezra Lavi and Einav Galili. Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary engineering field, which combines mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and software engineering. Field of engineering that studies the automation perspective engineering to serve the purpose of controlling complex systems and integrated hardware and software manufacturing systems, robotics, automated systems in the automotive, propulsion and aircraft as.. read more →

Introduction   In order to save costs, avoid the delays and provide a design that meets the requirements of the project “first time”, we recommend using of imaging (simulation) of the system performance and sensitivity analysis of its parameters. Perform of those analysis have many advantages: Early feasibility study and design concept Improving the design.. read more →

By Ezra Lavi and Einav Galili. Freight trailing vehicles are manufactured today with old techniques from a one man small shop to largest freight trailers factories. The existing working method consists of manufacturing simple frames using off-the-shelf profiles and sheet metal bending, welding all the pieces together and assembling them in a few days to a.. read more →

Green energy applications Applying theoretical ideas arising from research is a complex task that requires knowledge and understanding in this research field, on the one hand, and executive ability to implement the idea on the other. Dealing with such challenges requires high investment and there are few engineering companies that are ready to enter such.. read more →