Quality Assurance

בקרת איכות

Quality Management

Lavi Engineering is qualified for ISO 9001 full package of services in its areas of operation.
Lavi Engineering is a qualified supplier for the Israeli Defense Ministry as well as for other corporations in the military and civilian markets in the country and the world.

 Quality Policy

  • We see the quality of our service as our main goal.
  • We believe that the high level of R & D, continuous and dedicated care throughout all stages of the work and meeting deadlines, are key to proper labor relations and reciprocal with our customers and suppliers
  • Lavi Engineering is a constantly learning and improving company. From time to time we define measurable quality goals and review compliance with these targets regularly.

Quality Goals

  • Continuous improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement in reducing discrepancies
  • Continuous improvement in reducing customer complaints